The Calling…

We’re celebrating more than 30 years of service to awakening consciousness and transforming systems in order to create sustainable Life Economies and a thriving world.

We’re excited to be launching our Dream Change Incubator and several new programs to advance our mission this year and look forward to unveiling the details soon.

The history of Dream Change, it’s founder, its leading Change Agents and our partnerships with Indigenous communities make our programs unique and applicable to long term holistic thinking, diversity and social inclusion, environmental protection and regeneration, and responsible innovation.

We’re empowering leaders to meet our world’s greatest and most urgent challenges with resilience and new (yet ancient) problem solving paradigms.

Those who join the Dream Change mission are called and they feel it.

The Corporate Sustainability Narrative

Corporate responsibility and sustainability leaders are poised to shift their respective organizations, industries and the world. We at Dream Change are helping define this new narrative for our world by listening to and learning from the wisdom of Indigenous peoples. We ignore this at our peril.

As the Kogi Mamos, shamans from the Sierra Nevada Mountain region of Colombia say, “Our younger brothers and sisters think they have more knowledge with each generation and we think we have less.” We are seen as younger because our culture is younger compared to their 4,000 year old tradition very much alive today. The Kogi have a non-linear cosmic vision of the world with an astonishingly accurate knowledge of some things we in the modern world would only know through science.

Our collective five decades of work with traditional shamans, elders and wisdom keepers have taught us that the corporate world and global leaders can benefit from exploring non-linear solutions to some of the largest challenges we face today.

While looking to the future for resilient solutions, we can and must leverage the past in order to tap into the next level of who we really are as humans. We are all Indigenous to this Earth. We all have the capacity to perceive a new reality beyond the linear, beyond the dots we’re currently connecting. We are passionate about equipping leaders of the new corporate responsibility and sustainability industry with skills and knowledge beyond the norm. They then tap into other senses with the ability to dream beyond the realms of probability and into the vast and open space of possibility.

Our Beginnings…

Dream Change was founded in 1987 by author, economist and environmentalist, John Perkins, to help shift humanity’s consciousness and to inspire new ways of living.

Beginning in the early 1990’s Dream Change, hosted gatherings and expeditions for building cultural bridges and creating harmony among all people and nations.

This included educational trips to South and Central America, the Asian Steppe and Taiga, Mexico, Africa, India, Ledakh, Tibet and Nepal. Our gatherings, workshops and trips inspired and empowered people to experience an intimate interconnectedness with other people and nature, to learn from ancient Indigenous ways and to preserve ancestral lands. These in turn emphasized the necessity of rising to new levels of consciousness.

Dream Change has been featured in films, videos, major television shows and other public media events. We have produced books, CDs, magazines, newsletters and other educational materials; our workshops in many subjects are tailored to a wide variety of participants, from high school and university students to corporate executives.

Join our coalition of people who have contributed to Dream Change’s efforts to create a better world for over 30 years.

We deeply appreciate your support.  

Please see our projects page for more information.

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