Forging Solutions to Our World’s Greatest Challenges

We are all Indigenous to this Earth. We all come from ancestors who believed in the importance of long-term sustainability.

At Dream Change we know that it is essential to learn from the wisdom of Indigenous people who continue to advocate for what they call ‘Life Economies’- those driven by the goal of long-term benefits for all life. Indigenous traditions stress the importance of living in harmony with nature and one another.

Dream Change programs offer pathways to transform short-term goals to goals that provide long term benefits for all through experiential learning, leadership development and sustainability education. Our programs connect corporate sustainability and visionary leaders with Indigenous communities and teachers. Our Indigenous partners have kept wisdom traditions, sustainable living and land management practices alive and thriving for millennia.

Participants in our programs learn about the historical socio-economic and political context of how we arrived where we are today and the benefits and costs of globalization. Participants are inspired and empowered to become leaders in creating economic systems that are themselves renewable resources. They expand their world view, holistic decision making capacity and ability to connect the dots on their impact.

While feeding and growing a part of themselves, they bring diversity of thinking and perception to their organizations resulting in added equity in the form of human capital. Participants share their learnings with their teams and ripple the impact.

With traditional wisdom teachings from our combined many decades of work and partnership with various Indigenous communities, including the Shuar, Achuar, Sapara, Waorani and Kichwa in Ecuador, the Kogi in Colombia, and the Maya in Guatemala, we bring a unique and deep perspective to the type of leadership development needed to usher in a new paradigm of sustainable business.

Dream Change is shifting perception in a unique and pragmatic way. We believe we can create a thriving economy fueled by sustainable companies and conscious leaders committed to inclusive societies and environmental dignity.


Our mission is to awaken and lead sustainability consciousness in corporations and the world through unique experiential retreats, out of the box training, workshops and consulting based on principles of respect, reparations and reconciliation with nature and for Indigenous peoples.

Our Three PILLAR Approach to Changing the Dream:

AWAKEN - Perception of Success & Prosperity

TRANSFORM - Respect & Reconciliation with Indigenous people

SUSTAIN - Sustainability Consciousness - Unique experiential leadership programs

Dream Change is a 501c3 nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins. For over 30 years, we have attracted thought leaders, created led measurable social and environmental impact projects and hosted educational events to help raise consciousness and inspire more sustainable ways of living and doing business.


Nominations and applications for enrollment in our First Annual Dream Change Sustainability Leadership Program and Retreat are opening soon. Hop on our list and we’ll keep you posted. Participation is by application and invitation only as we curate the most impactful experience for all.

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*The Love Summit business & leadership conference is no longer a project under Dream Change. Please visit justchooselove.com for information on Love Summit III.