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Changing the modern dream…


At Dream Change we know that it is essential to learn from the wisdom of Indigenous people who continue to advocate for what they call ‘Life Economies’- those driven by the goal of long-term benefits for all life.

Indigenous traditions stress the importance of living in harmony with nature and one another- both for the short-term and the long-term. It’s time for us in the modern world to remember how to do this.


 We all come from ancestors who believed in the importance of long-term sustainability.

We have the ability to create a ‘life economy,’ one where business draws on generative practices in alignment and harmony with nature


We know we can create a thriving economy fueled by sustainable companies and conscious leaders committed to inclusive societies and environmental dignity. Our mission is to awaken and transform corporations and the world through earth honoring traditions that guide us to sustain harmony with nature.


Our Approach to Changing the Dream

  • AWAKEN- Opening to New Perceptions of Success and Prosperity

  • TRANSFORM -Embracing Earth-based knowledge of Indigenous people to change values, life-styles and business- Adopt a respect and reconciliation mindset

  • SUSTAIN – Sustainable Conscious Business Leadership -Creating life economies which themselves are renewable resources



Our mission is to awaken a new paradigm of sustainability consciousness in leaders, corporations and the world based on principles of respect, reparations and reconciliation with nature and for Indigenous peoples.

Dream Change is a nonprofit organization founded in 1987 by New York Times bestselling author, John Perkins. For over 30 years, we have attracted thought leaders, created measurable social and environmental impact projects and hosted educational events to help raise consciousness and inspire more sustainable ways of living and doing business.

Dream Change supports the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People and the UN Guiding Principles on Business & Human Rights





The definition of a circular economy is one that moves away from the 'take, make waste' economy of linear product design, ie. cradle to the grave, to an entirely new way of looking at stuff, through design, use, manufacturing and reuse with an end goal of no waste and regeneration. 

A circular economy is not a novel idea. It’s an ancient way of living in harmony with nature, resources and ecosystems that consider the abundance and health of future generations. Indigenous people have been living in a circular economy for thousands of years, don't you think it's time we learn from our elders? 

Dream Change acknowledges Indigenous wisdom as the ultimate in circularity and takes it a step further to promote a ‘Life Economy.’ We have much to learn from Indigenous teachers about the traditional notion of a circular economy.





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Connect yourself to nature but remember it is not enough, you have to spread the word.” -- Juan- Kogi Mamo



Join our coalition of people who have contributed to Dream Change’s efforts to create a better world for over 30 years. We’re a 501c3 organization.

We deeply appreciate your support.  


*The Love Summit business & leadership conference is no longer a project under Dream Change. Please visit justchooselove.com for information on Love Summit III.