Dream Change was founded in 1990 by author, economist and environmentalist, John Perkins, to help shift humanity’s consciousness and to inspire new ways of living.

Beginning in the early 1990′s, Dream Change hosted gatherings and expeditions for building cultural bridges and creating harmony among all people and nations. This included educational trips to South and Central America, the Asian Steppe and Taiga, Mexico, Africa, India, Ledakh, Tibet and Nepal. Our gatherings, workshops and trips inspired and empowered people to experience an intimate interconnectedness with other people and nature, to learn from ancient indigenous ways and to preserve ancestral lands. We always emphasize the necessity of rising to new levels of consciousness.

Dream Change has been featured in films, videos, major television shows and other public media events. We have produced books, CDs, magazines, newsletters and other educational materials; our workshops in many subjects are tailored to a wide variety of participants, from high school and university students to corporate executives.

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*The Love Summit business & leadership conference is no longer a project under Dream Change. Please visit justchooselove.com for information on Love Summit III.