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Dream Change programs are about….


And LEARNING with Our Indigenous Brothers & Sisters.

At Dream Change we know that it is essential to learn from the wisdom of Indigenous people who continue to advocate for what they call ‘Life Economies’- those driven by the goal of long-term benefits for all life. Indigenous traditions stress the importance of living in harmony with nature and one another.

Dream Change programs offer pathways to transform short-term goals to goals that provide long-term benefits for all through experiential learning, leadership development and sustainability education. Our programs connect corporate sustainability and visionary leaders with Indigenous communities and teachers. Our Indigenous partners have kept wisdom traditions, sustainable living and land management practices alive and thriving for millennia.

Participants in our programs learn about the historical socio-economic and political context of how we arrived where we are today and the benefits and costs of globalization. Participants are inspired and empowered to become leaders in creating economic systems that are themselves renewable resources. They expand their world view and systems thinking capabilities which lead to holistic decision making that connects more dots on their business impact.

One of the take-aways is that participants bring diversity of thinking and perception to their organizations, along with their own personal growth. These result in added equity in the form of human capital. Participants can then share their learnings with their teams, and organizations, thus multiplying the impact.

With traditional wisdom teachings from our combined decades of work and partnership with various Indigenous communities around the world, we bring a unique and deep perspective to the type of leadership development needed to usher in a new paradigm of sustainable business



Join our coalition of people who have contributed to Dream Change’s efforts to create a better world for over 30 years.

We deeply appreciate your support.