REPATRIATION: A Path to Reverse Our Climate Crisis with Our Elder Siblings, The Kogi


We are committed to reversing the ‘Game Over’ Prophecy, of the Kogi People of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Colombia.

We invite you to join us in being part of the solution!


Please Consider Contributing to Our $5,000 Goal for our Kogi Land Fund!

These funds will go directly into the Kogi and for their intended purchase of original Kogi Territory in the Sierra Nevada mountain region in Colombia. These lands were taken from them, their sacred sites destroyed. As part of their cosmology, it’s imperative that we help the Kogi repatriate (return to) this land so they can restore the ecosystem and it’s sacred power. Indigenous people’s land management capabilities have been acknowledged as a critical part of reversing climate change and restoring balance to our eco-systems.

We have so much to learn from the Kogi… join us in this journey. It’s the beginning of an ancient story…

Make your pagamento (Payment to the Earth) today


EVERY SINGLE DONATION IS LOVED- All those who choose will be added to our pagamento ceremony in Colombia when we journey on pilgrimage with the Kogi and make our payment to Mother Earth (by buying land with your donations and placing it in the care of the Kogi to restore. The Kogi have a sacred ceremonial way of being and one of their most profound yet simple ways which is embedded in everything they do, is to intentionally make payments to the earth, ‘pagamentos,’ for all she gives to us.

The Kogi believe we in the modern world are their younger siblings (our culture is much younger than theirs) and they are our older siblings (with an ancient civilization and knowing of how to thrive for thousands of years). We younger siblings have been taking too much without making payments to the Earth.

Our ways of taking and not making payments in reciprocity, back to the Earth have resulted in disproportionately harming Indigenous people who have been stewarding the land for thousands of years.

This fundraiser is our way of making payments.

When you donate please email with your prayer- and if you wish to keep it private, then just email that you’d like your prayer added, and your name and your ‘prayer’ will be added.


Why our work with The Kogi?

The Kogi People are a unique Indigenous group who managed to flee from colonialism and the voracious attempts of the Spanish to conquer them.

Until this day they remain in the high altitude of the 18,000 foot Sierra Nevada mountain rainge choosing to live in their traditional ways. Yet their environment is harsh and its changing as a result of their 'younger siblings' ways.

The Kogi call us in the modern world their 'younger siblings' because our culture (and planetary consciousness) is young compared to theirs. They've been journeying in the same traditional ways of living for thousands of years and they know what it means to AWAKEN, TRANSFORM and SUSTAIN. .

This is why Dream Change is building a strong relationship with the Kogi. We know they are our teachers.

They have called us to help them in awakening the world to true sustainability consciousness.

The Kogi are extremely mindful of who they allow into their community.

We were visiting this past December and were humbled by their sacred teachings. Time is of the essence. They need to help us 'wake up' from the nightmare we're inflicting on the world.

Kogi Mamos (shamans) are chosen at birth and undergo rigorous training for the first ten years of their lives. Juan's son Augustine, a 6 year old Mamo in training was with us as Juan facilitated our first Pagamento ceremony in a sacred carved out boulder. Sitting in that space felt ancient. Augustine passed the sacred cotton... the portals of connection opened. We were asked to cleanse our thoughts before entering their next sacred site where we would complete our Pagamento Ceremony.

The Kogi make pagamentos (payments) to the Mother Earth for all she gives. They live in complete reciprocity and harmony with nature.


Why is this critical now?

"Connect yourself to nature but remember it's not enough. You must spread the word," said Juan, a Kogi Mamo (shaman) as we stood at an outcropping of stones abutting the turquoise waves where the mouth of a sacred river entered the sea.

The Kogi are descendants of the Tairona people, who's land was taken first by the Spanish Conquistadors when the Tairona and Kogi fled up to the higher peaks. They lost their fertile territory yet maintained their connection with nature. Now in this dire time we are living in, they are reaching out to us and asking for us to work with them to change our ways that are causing the climate crisis. It's drying their sacred lagoons, damaging sacred sites, and bringing imbalance to all ecosystems.

Juan was clear, "It's game over in 2025 unless we can get our sacred artifacts back and come home to our land. It's game over unless you awaken your brethren to reconnect to Earth and stop creating waste - in your minds and in the environment."

We're taking him up on his calling.

Can we count on you to join our mission to AWAKEN and TRANSFORM to SUSTAIN our BEAUTIFUL PLANET AND HER PEOPLE?


How buying land rights back for the Kogi People will help reverse the climate crisis?

From the halls of the UN to Paul Hawken's, Drawdown, we know REPATRIATION (returning lands and giving title to Indigenous people is the first step to reversing climate change. Our climate crisis is a spiritual crisis. Indigenous groups like the Kogi, who live in harmony with nature, restore harmony to the land they steward, and create energetic and literal reciprocity with Earth and the Cosmos, are teachers for us “younger siblings.”

Join the community of Dream Changers!