A Unique Experience for Conscious Leaders Committed to Transitioning to a Life Economy

We are calling 15 leaders to engage in a paradigm shifting mastermind - an incubator- to launch solutions to your industry’s, company’s or a global challenge. We’ll be creating solutions centered around Indigenous Wisdom and experiential learning to equip you with new perceptions and opportunities to make your major dent toward a just and sustainable future.


Applications and nominations are opening soon. Please reach out if you’d like information before we launch the application process. Dream Change is by invite only and we’re happy to consider all in advance if the fit is right.

We at Dream Change awaken and lead sustainability consciousness in corporations and the world through unique experiential retreats, out of the box training, workshops, and consulting based on principles of respect and reconciliation for nature and for Indigenous Peoples.

Our first Annual Dream Change Incubator is about changing the prophecy of our Indigenous brothers and sisters (the Kogi) who say 2025 is game over with life as we know it. We are bringing together influencers with resources, ideas and passion for their own personal growth, to solve a business problem and to incubate bigger global solutions while having the opportunity to step out of the office and into an environment that will stretch their thinking, resilience and problem solving capacities.

This experience is by application or invitation only and we are happy to have a conversation to discuss details as we are catalyzing the path for this innovative program now.

More details to come... To apply or request a conversation please fill in this form below.

Just a few benefits of being part of this small group experience:

  • Solve a real business problem

  • Create new opportunities

  • Evolve ways of seeing, thinking and approaching systems change

  • Unlock new levels of personal awareness and insight

  • Advance and cultural sensitivity, listening and empathy

  • Agile problem solving and building resilience

  • Emotional and spiritual Intelligence- expand consciousness and personal growth

  • Solve local problems with global impact and translate them to business solutions in your company

  • Improve team performance, relationships and leadership skills

  • Engage stakeholders in sustainable, innovative shared value initiatives

  • Solve human rights, environmental and social problems resulting from respective industry

  • Unleash hidden talent and potential

  • Dream Change Innovation workshops

  • Systems change workshopping

  • Private professional coaching and sound boarding throughout the program from our certified coaches

  • Access top of the line subject matter experts

  • Peer group masterminding and sound board sessions

  • Holistic support for personal purpose and alignment

The program will include 2 expeditions in an 11 month period, plus much more to be revealed soon!

For inquiries please request more information or ask questions below and we will be in touch with you shortly.

Many thanks,

Dream Change Team

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We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals at their highest ideal and believe they are achievable with consultation, consent and collaboration with Indigenous communities.